What is an UniFi External Portal Server?

An external portal server allows deploying Guest WiFi networks that are more advanced than what’s builtin into the UniFi controller. Examples include collecting email addresses, selling multi-device access, etc.

What is an UniFi External Portal Server?
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In this guide, you will learn.

Why should you use an External Portal for UniFi?

You must wonder why would anyone want to use an external portal since UniFi already has a built-in splash page!
While UniFi’s splash-page editor is a good solution sometimes, there are situations that call for something more advanced, for example.
  • Collecting emails from Guests
  • Offering multi-device access packages
  • GDPR compliance for collected data
  • Better splash-page designs than the one offered by UniFi
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How does the external portal work?

So let's try to understand how the external portal works in UniFi. Once the external portal is configured in the UniFI controller, a device connecting to the Guest network will be redirected to the external portal by the Access Point.
After that external portal and the device can perform any number of steps to collect contact details, payment, voucher codes, etc.
At the end of this flow, the external portal server sends an API call to the UniFi controller to authorize a MAC address. This then gets propagated to the access point, allowing the device to have internet.
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Why should you choose Spotipo as the external portal for your UniFi controller?

There are several hotspot solutions available with varying price ranges and features. Out of them, Spotipo stands out in the following areas.
  • Designed for MSPs/ISPs, the solution is aimed at integrators like yourself.
  • A whole range of login options and integrations with 3rd party marketing/CRM solutions
  • Fully white-label solution
  • Works UniFi controller/Cloud key/UMDPs
  • It supports not just UniFi, but a growing number of other solutions.
Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself.

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